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Social Media supergroup agency founded: Crayon

Enough with the talking already, there's a revolution in media and culture in full swing and its high time people started putting their money where their mouth is. If you're in media or marketing then you should at this moment either be redesigning/relaunching/researching your strategy for the age of online networks or starting a new business altogether.

The latter what one of the big  influences on my social media education, Neville Hobson, is doing. He's going into business with social media thinkster Joseph Jaffe, his podcasting partner Shel Holtz and CC Chapman, a podcaster and Second Lifer, according to Mr Hobson.

The new supergroup agency, as I'm coining the phrase, is to be called Crayon and will be launching officially on Thursday.

I'm very, very pleased indeed for Neville and his compadres. A nicer bunch of brainboxes running an agency would be hard to imagine.

It's good news for the new marketing industry too - rather than just wait for the old lot of agencies to catch up we can watch how some of the new lot shape up.

Naturally their office will be in Second Life (when you're tired of social media brainstorms, you're tired of... etc etc), which for the moment should keep overheads low. But sheriously, folks, when these guys say they are setting up office in the virtual world, I suspect they really mean it.

Neville's written more on his blog...



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Your're right about Neville and Shel, they are ace guys, though I don't know much about Josephe, I'm sure he is too. This sounds a great project to follow.

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