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Social media: it's only just begun

Yes, it's a revolution we're going through. No you're not late to it if you're only just figuring out how RSS works and why wikis are interesting.

It's only just begun, in historical terms. We're only just over a decade into the internet, two or three years into the phenomenon of social media really taking hold. The forces that are making all of this happen: low or no cost media production and distribution technologies, broadband everywhere, new ideas about how we create and share content have only just arrived.

We're still only just beginning to play with them. Some of the models and ways of making meaning, business models and big ideas, haven't even been seen yet.

Shane Richmond at the Telegraph hits the nail on the head (again) with his blog post "News from nowhere - a survival guide":

the changes that the internet has forced upon media organisations are only beginning. There are more changes to come and they are likely to be bigger than the ones we've seen already....

Without a doubt, the future will be difficult. But people's needs haven't changed. What's changed is the way they want those needs to be met. So we have to change too.

The technology can't be ignored and it can't be uninvented. We must embrace it or be swept away by it.

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