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Newspapers - when the freebies sell more than the front page

Take a look at this display in Starbucks for children's books... you get a free paper version of the Times Online news website with it... amazing!

Sorry about the blurry pic - hadn't had me coffee yet...

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Hi Antony - the amount of free products given away by the entertainment and publishing industry these days is staggering. Firstly, it totally confuses consumers who cant see how HMV can charge 10 quid for a cd and but then the Guardian gives away free dvds on a saturday. Secondly - even though its common knowledge freebies are only used to boost sales, the record companies and copyright owners still sign deals for a quick buck. It sends out totally the wrong message. So people dont buy as much product. And look where it leads: Tower Records in the US has finally closed its doors.



Is that freebies or file-sharing that's been the biggest cause of Tower Records' downfall, I wonder? Probably both are interrelated and both are partly a cause.

Not so long ago £10 would have been a bargain for a CD - £15 was nearer the typical new release price. At 50% above the going rate now, people felt like they were being ripped off. Now the boot is on the other foot, it's understandable that some have little sympathy for the record companies.

Like all media, recorded media is swept up in the maelstrom of change that the web has stirred up.

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