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Interesting links

I've not really been in the business of "links of the day", but I'm getting into it now. Stuff I think is interesting today:

  • Via the New York Times: Having a profile on MySpace and other social networks is not enough, say brand marketers who are developing more sophisticated approaches to engaging with audiences in these media:
    • 'That approach is now looking a little tired, said Jeff Benjamin, interactive creative director for Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Volkswagen’s agency. “A year ago, everyone wanted to be Helga’s friend,” he said. “Today the reaction would be different. So many advertisers are doing it.”'
  • More on "ad immunity" spreading among MySpacers from Marketing Vox via AdRants which wryly comments: "...did we actually need to tell you this? Were you really ever under the impression all those ads slathered across MySpace's site were achieving anything? There's only one way to market on MySpace: save some money, throw together a somewhat clever site, and whore yourself out to where the eyeballs really go - the Top 8."
  • Via Read/Write Web: Six Apart (which runs Typepad, the service this blog runs on) has releases a new version of its corporate blogging platform software Movable Type Enterprise. I'm a big fan of Six Apart's software.
  • Via the Daily Mail: "Is this the way we will all be 'enjoying' our television programmes and computer games in the future?" As we all know via Andrew Marr, the rule with a Daily Mail headline that ends in a question mark is that the answer is usual "no". The story is about Toshiba's virtual reality (how early 90s!) system. And, yes - I do want one...
  • Renaissance Chambara loves the Absolut Vodka's new user generated content ploy: "It's a clever campaign that extends itself beyond online to PR and advertising. I only wish that I had thought of it!" Me too...


: : P.S. Let me know if you like this snew format or if another bunch of links on a blog is irritating. Cheers!


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Hi Antony.

Nothing personal about the links but I struggle to keep up with my RSS feeds.

People who then multply my reading by including several links in one post are the bane of my blog-existence!!

Fair enough, Simon. Thanks for your feedback.

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