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Google Reader gets the edge on Bloglines

* * Updated * *

I've used Bloglines ever since I started reading blogs via RSS feeds and while it is a little ugly it has done its job well. I've liked the way it works and the fact that it's web-based so I can view it on any machine.

But now Google Reader has a pretty compelling set of features that actually make it a better product. On a PC, at least. (Take a look at this great comparison review on Life Hacker for more on the two services.)

The discovery of Bloglines on my mobile has been a godsend. Now I can scan feed items in spare moments in the day. Anytime I see something I want to blog about or del.icio.us for later I just use the email function and send a link to my Gmail. Genius. 

As soon as I can get me Google Reader on my mobile I may move across. For now Bloglines wins out. Just.

* * Update:

An anonymous commenter very kindly pointed out that Google Reader is available on mobiles at http://google.com/reader/m - looking forward to trying it out.


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Just read this ... did you know can get Google Reader on your mobile by accessing http://google.com/reader/m - if your phone has a web browser and internet access?

Just tried it and it worked straight away - even signed in automatically as I'm already using Gmail on my phone - brilliant. Thanks!

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