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Beyond YouTube: getting serious about online TV as social media

After YouTube - what's next? Well more video apparently...

Blogging from  the mwah-ha-ha-Monaco Media Forum, Kevin Anderson mentions a couple of new firms that have online video services that look very cool indeed:

  • Motionbox: like YouTube this is a site for uploading your videos to. But it goes further and lets you edit your videos too.  

Vpod.tv: Stands for Video Publishing On Demand. Basically a way of letting you set up your own online TV channel, including the editing, hosting, ads etc. Sounds intriguing. TechCrunch's appraisal of the service earlier this year tells you more than the website. I've applied for a beta test pass, naturally, as it sounds brilliant...

We've only just seen the beginning of innovation in online video - very exciting.


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I am stoked about all of these new developments in online viewing.

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