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Toyota's Scion xB brand in Second life

Now this is an excellent use of the Second Life virtual world: Toyota's Scion xB brand is aimed at a young, likely-to-be-tech-literate crowd.

So they will launching virtual versions of the cars in Second Life in October which people in the world can customise and play with.

Meanwhile they have released this YouTube video in the game.

It's not just the direct interaction with the brand in the game that makes this a brilliant idea, its the blog posts and the media coverage and the general word of mouth buzz that it will generate.

: : Thanks to the ever-fascinating Springwise for the story.

: : By the way, yesterday in Second Life US $330,000 were spent in the last 24 hours in the game. it was nearly half a million when I checked the statistic on the home page the other day - never ceases to amaze me that there is a real economy in a game world.


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