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Social Media Club and more food for thought

What a week. On reflection it's no wonder I managed to post a couple of times. Obviously there was frenetic activity at Spannerworks - the new social media / search / comms services are coming along nicely.

But there was also a spate of meetings and conversations that have helped me move forward my thinking about social media and communications. On Thursday I went along to the XPRL meeting which David Philips invited me along to. Chris Heuer was in attendance and his discussion of the new media release connected with a few ideas I'd been mulling about managing online news cycles.

After the great launch party for Liberate Media that night I trekked home my head buzzing with ideas. If Scarlett-Lily hadn't been so successful in her parental sleep deprivation campaign I'd probably have been awake anyway thinking about it all.

Last night I went up to the Social Media Club's first London meeting. Due to my inability to keep up with feeds recently it was uber-connector and social media maven Jackie Danicki who told me about it.

A group of about 18 people met up for the inaugural London SMC session. I missed the beginning and so was unable to make the crack about the first rule of social media club is you do talk about social media club, but I expect someone else took care of that.

There was a rocking debate that roamed around the significance of social media, historical parallels and its future development. It was good to see Antoine Clarke, Fleming Madsen and MS&L-istas Justin Hayward and Kate Steele sticking their oar in and there were some great insights from PR and media people present. The group fragmented faster than mainstream media afterwards so I didn't get to talk to everyone. I hope that the same group comes together again soon so we can continue the conversations.

Nice one, Chris Heuer for organising the London Social Media Club - he's someone who truly believes in and lives the power and potential of networks. You can see some pics of the debate here courtesy of Jackie. And also nice one Fleishman Hillard for hosting the event.

Mo Syed, a bright software engineer, had some great ideas and insights about aggregators which he shared with me over a pint later. And hopefully he'll start a blog soon - see Jackie's observation (but it is strangely frustrating not to continue a conversation via blogs or see more of a person's thoughts after such an interesting conversation). I also told Mo that he needed a blog for personal reputation management reasons (you should always make sure the first website for your name on Google is your website if you can folks).


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