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Bloggers and brands, pt. 94

The Guardian today carries a major piece on blogs and brands at the moments. Focusing on Dell's recent battery woes, a Dell spokesperson says that the company has been seriously monitoring blogs since spring of this year.

They also claim that the company was looking into the battery problem long before bloggers and Youtubers start buzz about it. OK, but they weren't talking about it, were they?

Anyhow, all more grist to the "brands need get their head round social media" mill, ain't it?

: : There's also a piece in the New York Times about the influence of travel bloggers making itself felt- which I posted about on SearchSense.

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appreciate the point about blogs and talking, especially in the context of batteries. given partners, regulatory issues etc...some things are a tad more complicated.

However, since the recall and our being the first to admit the need to recall and move forward, we have been out there...just today toshiba joined apple as followers...who next????

And on blogs/brand...think you will find we are aggressively getting involved..check direct2dell.com or our customer advocacy presence on blogs or comments like mine...afterall Web 2.0 is all about furthering "direct relationships"...which to us is Dell 2.0.

Appreciate the perspective and look forward to the conversation, with you and others

Complex is right - fair play to you.

And what I should add is that Dell is going in the right direction with its blog and Dell 2.0 approach.

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