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Technorati looks good at 3

Technorati has celebrated its third birthday by re-vamping the site, adding extra functionality and a fresh new design.

Sorry about the chirpy style - I've been copywriting this afternoon and have reverted to press release 101 style prose ;-).

Sheriously though folksh, it is looking really good and if you haven't explored what it can do for your exploring of the blogosphere, researching audiences online for clients or boosting your own blogging performance there's never been a better time to become a member (free, of course)...


: : I showed my Father, who actually introduced me to the concept of corporate blogging, some of the benefits of Technorati membership. He was very grateful, and wrote a very nice post about it, although he posted a picture which more or less backs up the World's Leading's hypothesis that I am in fact a character out of Eastenders (a popular UK soap opera). Thanks, Dad.


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I genuinely believe that if you mail that picture to these people http://www.lookalikes.tv/ you may get some lucrative work...

By the way - don't get too bogged down scrolling through the people on that site... it's dreadfully addictive (it's also where Chantelle was registered!).

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