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Full Metal MySpace: US marines recruit via social networks

"Full site inspection at 0800 hours. You call that an RSS feed, private - my Momma has better feeds than that. Drop and code me ten..." Etc etc...

Oh yes, the Marine Corps in the US has its own MySpace profile and isn't afraid to use it in anger - or at least recruiting.

Already 12,000 teens have added it as a friend and according to Wired:

The Marine Corps MySpace profile -- featuring streaming video of barking drill sergeants, fresh recruits enduring boot camp and Marines storming beaches -- underscores the growing importance of the internet to advertisers as a medium for reaching America's youth.

: : NB: the Wired article also mentions the Toyota Yaris profile, for those of you looking for examples of mainstream marketing on MySpace.


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Mind. Boggles. (Bloggles?) This is an obviously good use of social networking, but the glimpse of the future it's given me is pretty far-out.

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