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0 - 60% in under 18 months: YouTube dominates online video

* * Updated / corrected * *

New YouTube statistics reported by Reuters show continued growth for the video sharing website. Launched in February 2005, YouTube now boasts:

  • 60% of all videos watched online are on YouTube
  • 100 million downloads a day
  • 65,000 uploads a day (that's 1,538 downloads per upload)
  • 20 million unique users per month
  • 29% of US online multimedia entertainment market

Two observations:

  1. At 1,538 downloads per upload that makes the the percentage of uploading just under 0.5% 0.07%. Taking into account the fact that uploaders will also be viewers, we may be seeing further evidence of the 1:10:89 create:interact:view formula for the ways people engage with social media identified by the Church of the Customer Blog (where it was called the 1% rule). Actually this number does not directly back this theory as I got it wrong, dropping a zero at least from the sum. My apologies for any confusion or inconvenience caused. I'm working on getting some more stats that will help us see if the 1% rule does apply in the case YouTube.
  3. The success of YouTube, its rapid growth, is because it is one of the most useful websites to the network, the networks, of connected media that there is. Not only does it have community and conversation - members who comment on and rate videos - it is also an excellent source of content that is easily integrated into people's own websites or send via instant messenger or email to one's network in that way and a perfect platform for hosting video content - far simpler than most other preceding services.

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This sounds really interesting and I have recommended it to a PR friend who has to promote a book on text poetry.

2 observations:

YouTube has already burnt through half its VC funding.

Still doesn't have a business model.

It is too bubble-licious to say: if they have this much attention and community a business model is sure to follow?

"At 1,538 downloads per upload that makes the the percentage of uploading just under 0.5%. "

How are you getting 0.5%? 1/1538 = 0.07%

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