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Digg goes beyond geek: plans politics and entertainment flavours

Digg, the tech news community where stories get prominence on the front page based on votes from members,  is reported to be planning to "add coverage" of politics, entertainment and world news. A major re-design is underway and will roll out in the next 30 days.

I presume this will mean sub-brands of Digg, or something like filtered channels. The community, its network, is what a makes Digg powerful and I'm not sure that the community that powers and reads Digg's tech news will be the same one that wants entertainment or politics news in the same stream.

Rob Hof at BusinessWeek wonders how much interest there will be in the general public for these kinds of service.

I'm also wondering how well other flavours of Digg will go down with a global audience.

Technology news is more global than other things. Although American politics are important to all of the 6.2 billion souls who live beyond its borders due to its political, economic and cultural prominence, a community around that subject, for instance, would only be of interest to hardcore politicos, foreign affairs buffs and other specialists.

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