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More lessons from journalists living in the land of blog

Following on from the insights in the Daily Telegraph blogger's style guide, take a look at Georgina Henry's article in today's Media Guardian about her time (two months so far) editing the paper's Comment is Free website.

One of the biggest challenges for Ms Henry has been moderating the vast number of comments on the site, which she discusses at length.

She also notes the  following about the effect that having a live audience has had on contributors more used to a passive "readership":


Guardian columnists have taken to heart that blogging is about more than just writing your piece and disappearing once the conversation starts. They have started, as a matter of course, going back into the debates they have generated to talk to their readers.

Good news. Means the experiment is having an effect and the Guardian's contributors are alive to the changes happening in the media. If they weren't engaging in the conversation it would being to become a bit meaningless and lop-sided

For more about Ms Henry's experiences take a look at the journalism.co.uk account of her discussion at the Hay Festival.

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