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Kewney mix up: BBC News 24 opens up to citizen commentators?


Senior IT journalist Guy Kewney was waiting to be called to be interviewed on BBC News 24 when he was shocked to hear on a nearby TV himself being introduced by the presenter.

Read Mr Kewney's account here and a fuller explanation of what occurred on the Daily Mail's website here.

Over eager production staff suffering the pressures of a rolling news programme ushered on the wrong man.

The poor bloke looks horrified as he is introduced as someone else, before recovering quickly and giving some comment on music downloading. The cut to a "going live" reporter outside the court didn't improve things as the "man on the ground" backed up the unwitting impostor's point ("as we've just heard")...


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Everyone truly is an expert then?

I was thinking that, based on this wonderful clip, put on the spot maybe most people can do a good impression of one...

Either because most people have something interesting to say, or we've all seen so many pundits on the news that we can mimic the tone and rhythm of their delivery pretty convincingly.

But this guy's a sample of one. We would need to watch a week of BBC 24 and work out how many pundits knew what they were talking about and how many were just doing a good impression of informed commentators. :-)

I would say so, Dennis!

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