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2.0 2.0

My friend Jim Byford - Jim when are you going to start your blog? - sent me a link to a great post by Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users, called Manager 2.0, that was published back in March (remember those heady days?).

By the way, despite Ms Reilly's books being published by the litigious "owners" of the Web 2.0 label, O'Reilly Media, she claims "still have absolutely NO idea what Web 2.0 even means".

Nonetheless, she's taken the vague but usefully all-encompassing new wave word as a jumping off point for amusing about the new kinds of management being tried out at Web 2.0 companies, and the need for a Manager 2.0 type of approach from the people who run them.

Joking and cute names aside, this is important stuff. The macro trend of social computing is an extremely disruptive one and it will end up changing the way that corporations are run. Looking at how the companies that are at the epicentre of the explosion of new thinking that is going on at the moment are running themselves may give us some glimpses into how organisations - especially those with knowledge workers in any significant number - will re-organise themselves in the coming decades.

Well worth a read, and here's a table of contrasts between old world and new world managers Ms Sierra included:  (Sorry - technical probs with me graphics - see Ms Sierra's post on the link above for the table...)

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