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New models of content creation

Where do you find the time to blog? I could never be bothered. I don't even have the time to read a newspaper in my busy life.

You hear that sort of thing all the time when you mention to people that you write a blog. And yes, it's not for everyone. At least not the way that I do it. 

And I certainly don't want or have the time that someone like Steve Rubel or Robert Scoble do with their consistent blogging hour in hour out (although the former has calmed down since Edelman started sweating its investment in his talent).

I was really pleased, then, to see some serious thinking going on about content production in social media by Ross Mayfield (no relation). His post "Power Law of Participation" separates out different kinds of participation.

Upshot is - to understand the complexity of social networks on the web we will need to be segmenting not only by demographics, geography and interests, but also cross-referencing by the kind of participants in each of those areas.

My head hurts.


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Thanks, Mr. Mayfield

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