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BT's dabs all over DABS (this headline isnot suitable for search engines)

"We're delighted..." must be the most overused* press comment statement ever, and no it comes as no surprise at all to see the brand mantra repeated by Dabs.com's marketing director at the news that his firm had been bought by BT.

And indeed we're all delighted for him and anyone at Dabs with options. And someone at BT is obviously delighted at the chance to "strengthen our offer" in retail.

But why? No really, why? Did they just buy the ecommerce engine or did they see a gap in the low margin, viciously competitive market for online electrical retail in the UK?

Stat fans will be delighted to note that the phrase features in 1,130 current Google News stories, and Factiva has 2,619 instances of the phrase in news pieces in the last three months alone. Promise me you'll never use it again, please....

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