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BBC launches blog network


Ben Metcalfe announces the BBC Blog Network Portal giving access to its small (but apparently soon to be fast-growing) collection of external blogs.

The blog format is also evolving fast, with some taking on innovations from bloggers such as Flickr photostreams (here's the World Have Your Say's stream)

The corporation has had a host of internal bloggers for some time, part of the programme of collaborative social media pioneered by Euan Semple and his team. But now, it seems, more and more people at the Beeb are ready to go over the top and into the blogosphere. Good news indeed.

According to Ben many more blogs will follow soon, but for the moment you can access the following:

Most fascinating to my eyes is the BBC World Service programme's World Have Your Say blog, which looks like a prototype for the Web 2.0 redesign that Ashley Highfield, the director of new media at the BBC trailed a week or so back. Look at the very good-looking tabbed format in these images:



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Is it for gerneral people to give their opinion on World Have your say or for some other purpose? Plez answer my query.

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