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UK tech PR and blog trade coverage a-go-go

* * Correction: Adam Hill is writing the tech section for PR Week... mix up in paras may have confused things there!* *

You wait years for tech and blog coverage in the PR trade press and then two come along at once...

If you are a member of the CIPR in the UK you will be getting your first copy of PR Business tomorrow, the new weekly trade title for communications professionals in the UK.

Very happy to say that there will be a dedicated section rounding up some of the week’s main stories from online media and communications written by your humble blogger. My hope is that highlighting some of the most exciting and interesting memes and stories out there will attract more PR people in the UK to start looking at, discussing and innovating with the whole web 2.0, social media thing.

I'm reliably informed that there will also be a PR Business website and podcast starting shortly. It’s good to see the new publication embracing the revolution from the outset. The column will also appear on Open tomorrow with a full complement of links…

Eirwen Oxley Green, editor of PR Business told Open today: "We want to hear from as many PR people as possible when they've seen the first issue. Expect to see the magazine morph over the coming weeks as we respond to thoughts, ideas and demands from our readers."

Eirwen’s email is [eirwen dot oxley dot green at prbusiness dot co dot uk] by the way…


Not that PR Week is standing idle. As Open scooped last week with Drew B, the established UK weekly has listened to the demands of those on the tech frontlines and is including a dedicated tech sector section and its own round-up of stories from the blogs.

The tech section is going to be written for its first five weeks or so by regular freelancer Adam Hill (not the Californian blogger), while the magazine recruits a full time reporter for the beat. Adam’s looking for stories now and can be reached at [adam dot hill at btinternet dot com].


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Woah! Great news! And congrats on the gig!

Looking forward to receiving my copy.

This is a very intelligent blog, the sort I like. I arrived her via your post to Guillaume. I guess the Brits are more reserved, hence their concerns about dealing publicly with issues they prefer to keep hidden. It's going to be a challenge to get British businesses on board, unless they are more open minded.
I'm very interested in political blogging. Do you know who the first politican was in the UK who started blogging, and when? I want to research this, compare it to other parts of the world. If you can suggest any useful leads, I would be very grateful.

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