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PR Week UK to run blog column

Drew B scooped the news that PR Week will be running dedicated tech pages from next week.

I have just learned that PR Week is to bring out a new technology page. I hear the focus for the page will be B2B and consumer, with around six stories covered. Looking forward to seeing it on Thursday!

But as an Open exclusive I can further reveal that there will be a column covering news from tech PR blogs...

'Dos to PR Week for upping the game in this area. It's really important that the rest of PR become aware of the revolution happening online.

Not sure who will be writing the column - news will be covered by all reporters - Sarah Robertson's a good person to contact with stories. I expect David Quainton will be doing a fair bit of reporting in this area too - he moved to PR Week from IT security mag, SC - so doubtless he know some tech sector PRs well already.

PR Week's deadline is Tuesday-midday-ish if you want to get an idea in ahead of their news conference, so best stories posted on Monday then,  if you want to feature in its pages...


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Nice tag team scoop Antony! I think this news from PR Week will spur UK PR bloggers to be more thought-provoking in their blogging.

Good call Antony!

I'm won't be changing my blogging style anytime soon.

Keeping it real ;)

Cheers, Drew...

Stephen: ferreal.

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