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Niall Cook's launch presages the age of PR tech R&D

Now here's what I like to see - PR people developing new technologies...

Niall Cook, who heads up Hill & Knowlton's online communication practice is soon to launch a beta version of a social bookmarking tool for organisations. He's doing it in his own time and with his own capital, so its a personal project.

Does get me to thinking that the day will soon come when the PR companies that really count will have labs and R&D folks rolling out new technologies and tools, or just adapting and creating new versions of the great open source and Web 2.0 stuff out there.

I'll certainly be taking a look at the Cogenz service when the beta rolls out. I love del.icio.us and I'm also very interested in what social technologies can do to help build conversations and communities within companies.

Best of luck, Niall.

(Via: Neville Hobson.)

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Thanks for your kind words, Anthony.

I think you are spot on about the labs/R&D concept too. It's something I've been banging on about internally for some time.

The PR industry's own investment in technology has been woeful (H&K has done more than most, but still not enough).


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