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Journalism.co.uk coverage of FT digital media conference


I'm not one for posting bunches of links to stories elsewhere - I'll leave that for the likes of Memeorandum and Newsvine. But I recently added Journalism.co.uk to my feeds, and its coming up trumps with good stories, I have to say. Last week its coverage of OPA was complementary to some good bloggers who were live-blogging it, now this week they are getting some great stories from the FT digital media and broadcasting conference.

Check out this trio:

FT 2006: It's an evolution not a big bang, says Channel 4 head: "He predicts that by 2012, on-demand viewing will account for a quarter of Channel 4's audience. Non-TV viewing, online, on mobile phones and through portable games devices will be a major platform for younger audiences."

FT 2006: Media should focus on community, not technology, says Wikipedia founder: "He identified three elements critical to the success of Wikipedia which, he said, define what is important about the web itself: its political and religious neutrality, which makes it accessible for a wider audience; its social parameters, because people understand that they are contributing their work to a network that will not be made proprietary; and the openness of the site itself that can be edited and republished instantly."

FT 2006: BBC hints at charges for international web users: "[David Moody, BBC Worldwide's  director of strategy said: This is a call to arms for content owners to break some rules and anticipate what consumers want. If we don't, others will."

Cracking scoops, Gromit. Looking forward to today's stories. Simon Waldman of the Guardian's speaking alongside a crowd of tech/media luminaries.

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