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Google's bad news for the goggle box

Even as ITV announces a resurgence in its profits (although ad revenue is still falling), a Google survey finds that TV's share of people's attention in the UK is smaller than the web's (164 minutes against TV's 148 minutes).

The figures are disputed, as Bobbie Johnson notes in his in-depth article in the Guardian:

Google's claim is contradicted by the latest research from the television audience ratings group Barb, which uses electronic measurement to determine the extent of television viewing. Barb said that in January viewers watched television for an average of almost 238 minutes - nearly four hours a day.

But the assertion is backed up - at least in part - by a recent study from the media watchdog Ofcom that showed how younger audiences are moving away from television.

The web's been around for a while, but this is only early in the days of widespread broadband availability (at work and home) and the very beginning of even more ubiquitous access (i.e. wireless / mobile). There is, surely, a great deal more growth to come.

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