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Dot-com disaster Boo.com to re-launch

The dot-com disaster story that was boo.com is well-known, a cautionary tale of excess and the inevitability of bubbles bursting (Wikipedia has a nice summary if you've forgotten the details). But now it looks like there really could be a re-launch.

There's a holding page up at boo.com proclaiming: "The boo is back! ....Boo.com is back and a new site will be launched in 2006."



David Galbraith is scathing in his assessment of the prospect and says that the re-launch will be in June, while John Collins says he traced ownership of the website to a woman in Dublin.

My thoughts? To quote Larry David's on-screen wife for the second time today "Why would you do that...?" I just don't understand, other than the fact that there will be a lot press interest in a revived boo.com.

Anyhow, dust off those cargo pants and oil your micro-scooters - it's 1999 again, apparently.


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My word that appears dim. Agree about the press interest and if whoever is behind this is smart they'd be using it as a vehicle for some other initiative. Guess we wait and see.

ex-boo employee

the new boo.com is all about empowering the user, interested? see the new holding page for more..

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