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Take your time, Mayfield.

Good things come etc.... and frankly, I've been waiting for myself to pluck up the nerve to start blogging for a good long while now.

I'll be importing a few posts and (hopefully) the grand total of one subscriber from my abortive Bloglines blog, but really this is going to be my first run at real open-water, no-wires, no nets blogging.

And very excited I am too.

I have had a go at running a couple of closed-circuit blogs with colleagues and clients. Good idea to do this - it's got me used to the format and given me a blood-quickening insight into the potential of doing even more. Now it's time to go public.

So what's this going to be about?

Sharing news, cool businesses and applications that I think are too good not to shout about...


Well ideas. Other people's thinking and mine. Innovations and business ideas. See if any of them are useful to you.


Mainly it's about the conversations. With so much change in the air and the ether I'll bring to the blog some fruits of the more interesting conversations I've been party to (or just shamelessly eavesdropped on) and see if they have a life online.

I'm really looking forward to this.


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