End of the blockbuster idea is a blockbuster itself

This morning as I read yet another precis and discussion of the Long Tail meme in a national newspaper I can't help thinking it ironic that he's come up with a blockbuster idea about the death of blockbusters.

This time it was Peter Preston in the Observer but it comes after discussion in Media Guardian, The Economist and several other of my mainstream media reads.

As for blogs, well they've been talking about the idea for ages, following the long tail meme from its genesis in Chris Anderson's original Wired magazine article through the work in progress on the Long Tail blog through to the launch - in the very traditional, bells'n'whistles media tour sense - of the final, published book.

: : NB: if anyone was involved in publicising this book in the mainstream media I would be very interested to hear about your experiences, sketch out a quick case study with you - be interesting to know what if any work was needed to get the message out there after so much online buzz about the idea and the book.