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e-Published: my e-book, Brands in Networks...


Phew. I finally finished it. At least, I've gone far enough for version 1.0 to go up on the iCrossing website. Ladies and gentlemen, geeks, media types and brandistas I give you: Brands in Networks.

It brings together a whole load of different strands of thought that we've been working through in the social media and content teams at iCrossing for the past couple of years, includin:

  • The shift from channel to network media
  • Principles of understanding, being useful and being live in your networks
  • Using new analogies for online media strategy, like attention markets

Very excited and not a little nervous about putting it out there - if you download please do let me know what you think.

It took a lot longer to get around to finishing than its predecessor, What is Social Media? (also re-published with a cool new design by our creative supremo Amo Bassan).

Apart from making the e-book a hell of a lot easier on the eye than it it might otherwise have been Amo designed it so that it uses less ink when you print it out, rather than caning a whole cartridge as some designs might. Clever.

Just like What is Social Media?, it's under a Creative Commons licence so do with it what you will... ahem. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens this time out...

: : OK now just forgive a quick couple of indulgences... Lastly, although there's no dedication I would of course dedicate it to my wife, Sarah, who had to put up with me disappearing on Sunday mornings to write. I was - and still am - happiest writing at Redroaster, the finest coffee house in Brighton, which as a Georgian hang out must have a fine history of coffee shops of the old school. So here's a picture of the moment I first saw a finished version of the e-book on the laptop I wrote most of it on...