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Private to public: Where blog clogs come from


Image: A stop sign, a subconscious variety of which has apparently been put up in front of whatever delicate mental ecosystem lets me be a blogger... (Credit: Afroswede (cc))

Let's be frank about it: I'm battling a severe, morbid case of necrotic blogger's blog, a.k.a blog clog, a.k.a. blog drought, a.k.a. losing my blog mojo.

Just because I'm blogging right now doesn't mean it's over. I think it's like one of those 12 step things - I've got to accept I've got a problem, talk about it publicly and then work on my long-term recovery.

Who knows what the causes are. Some blame blog blocks on Twitter - certainly it's been giving me some of the social networking buzz that blogging once did. I've sometimes suspected that leaving behind my beloved OneNote + Windows Live Writer workflow when I shifted over to a Mac upset my delicate blogista's constitution.

I was also feeling pressure to write elsewhere, which combined with other commitments. Well, I've dropped the Brand Republic blog a while back and I have a new plan for my corporate blog, so that's all feeling a lot clearer.

Blogging is something I have to squeeze in between a fairly demanding job*, equally demanding young family** and occasionally sleeping***. On that last point, I'd actually been sleeping more over the past six months - so we'll just have to knock that on the head...

I think in part it has been a subconcious drifting away from my philosophy of a blog as a public notebook. If the excellent Online Journalism Blog's notes on a book called Making Online News: The Ethnography of New Media Production is to be believed:

“More than one blogger said a key turning point in the way they practice blogging was the moment they felt the gaze of the public eye. Realizing that people are paying attention … has led these bloggers to adopt a more careful, dispassionate approach and tone.”

One blogger is quoted as saying this “has led to less opinionating and more reporting and thoughtful analysis:”

“I was more creative when I started, now I’m more deliberate … I started trying to be more professional … Once I got to 100 readers I started to get more organized and started to take more responsibility for what I posted. Then I started to restrict what I put up there … I’ve ducked a couple of issues recently … because I wanted to be better informed. I didn’t want to be wrong … so I just avoided the topic.”

I totally buy that. And it's ridiculous. And I've written so little recently I doubt many people are listening anymore, so that should make a blogging reboot fairly starightforward, no?

Anyhow, point is, blogging's worth working at, fighting for, hanging on with all my strength.

I know that sometimes people blogging about blogging is the most dreary thing in the world - just skip over 'em, it just me trying to piece my blogging back together.

Every day in every way...

* Which I love.

** Which I love even more.

*** Overrated, but necessary.


Always listening, seldom commenting, but always liking your take.
Keep on keeping on.

Hope you get your blogging mojo back soon because you write some really great thought provoking stuff ;-)

There's been a spate of blog-block this summer . . . when your mojo returns, can I get a masterclass? Mine's been missing for a good 2 months now.

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