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Edelman's content studio move is super-smart

If I were starting a PR firm today the last thing I would do is admit it.

The term carries such baggage and the industry - for all its instances of brilliance - is regarded as having to narrow a remit.

However, if you're a leader in that field best to ignore the baggage and get on with leading things. And that's what I see Edelman doing with its moves into digital, metrics, social media and lately content production.

My former boss, Simon Jones at Bell Pottinger, put in place a really important fundamental in the way I've been thinking about the future of comms when he insisted, time and and again, that "PR is just content production and distribution".

At its most media-relations focussed, it works like this: your network of influencers are journalists. To do the best job for clients produce the content the journalists will want in a format that's useful to them and get it to them.

Much smarter then, than obsessing about the future of the press release, is thinking about how the network is changing and therefore they type of content that's useful to it.

Edelman's launch of a studio is, therefore, super-smart. Hope we'll see a blog or some other way of following the progress of the idea...