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I don't work for Spannerworks any more

Ooh, what a tease... I've not moved on, Spannerworks has re-branded as iCrossing, our parent company's brand today...


It's a year since Spannerworks was bought by iC, and the name change is  a good logical next step as the company finds its way to being a global digital agency.

The guys at iCrossing UK's PR agency Liberate Media have helped have a play with a new video news release format that I quite like - it has all sorts of links in the vid to supporting material on Scribd, LinkedIn etc - I quite like the concept - but judge for yourself...

With Seesmic etc. people are going to get a lot more relaxed about communicating using video - it's nice to start playing now though...

And, I've just realised, I need to go and change a ton of my biogs now: ho hum.

Lastly, as a fare ye well to Spannerworks the design team tricked out this great Photoshop of Brighton Pier...


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Congrats...nice name. Lumme a re-brand. How much navel gazing involved?

Not too much - the brand's our parent company's...

Can't help thinking that 'Spannerworks' said far more about your company... (Funky, small, accessible, good at making stuff work).

What does iCrossing mean?

It's a classic brand conundrum. How does the funky boutique business get integrated into the bigger more corporate one? You gain from association with the bigger more established brand (great for big multi-national deals etc) but risk losing that 'small is beautiful, we won't charge you a fortune vibe' in the process...

Personally, I like the WPP formula... loads of companies with separate identities. Clients in the know realise the different companies are part of a network that can be leveraged if required, but first time clients feel very much as if they are dealing with an independent business.

Or else... why not go with:
'An iCrossing company'

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