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Brand Republic launches with bells, whistles and bloggers

Haymarket's marketing portal Brand Republic's (free reg required) relaunched with snazzy new look, souped-up forums and a bunch of contributing bloggers, including your humble Openista (me).

Be interesting to see how it works out blogging on BR. I'm looking to make the blog there a little more generalist than Open, which is very much a personal/professional blog now. But we'll see how it evolves.

I've not had much of  a chance to look round the rest of Brand Republic, which does still require registration it seems - although now it's free, which is good.


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Is there an RSS feed for you BR blog? Can't find it.

Whoops ... I forgot to say 'congrats!" in my eagerness to subcribe.

Cheers, Stephen - should be interesting. Would be even more interesting with an RSS feed - which I can't find either. Will check and report back.

Good stuff, Antony. I'll check back as regularly as I can remember :-)

While scouring the source code in search for the slightest hint of a feed, I noticed a meta tag suggesting your blog would be "safe for kids"!
I sincerely hope not. Feel free to reveal all.

Heh heh - cheers, Neil. Hopefully the feedlessness is a teething problem - in the meantime I'll flag up here when I've written something there... :-)

BR's editor, Gordon MacMillan, has just let me know that RSS will be sorted soon...

Can those of us who don't want to register also access the RSS feed? (I support you fully, but I wouldn't submit to free registration for love nor money. Well, maybe for money.)

I can offer a fiver? ;-)

Shit, I should have held out for the fiver.

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