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Wikisearch: corrections...

M'learned colleague Charles, aka Mr Charlieo points out some inaccuracies in the posts here and elsewhere about the new search engine from the founders of Wikipedia:

...this is an exciting project indeed, but as others (notably TechCrunch) you've used a screenshot circulating the web that's actually nothing to do with Jimmy Wales' new project.

I draw your attention to:


Wikisearch is not a search engine of the World Wide Web, and is not related to this site "Search Wikia" and to the plans for community-created search of the World Wide Web.

The screenshot is of the temporarily named 'WikiSearch' which I believe is just an amalgamation of search results (from MSN Live Search>?) mashed together with related wikipedia external links.

The name's also been dropped methinks, presumably due to complete unpronouncability/tech-snobbery potential:

"Wikiasari is and will not be the name for the free search engine we're developing. It was the name of a former project "

actually the name for the background beta version of wikia's software component, full story here:


And to complete the picture - here's a proper screenshot of Wikisearch (WT):

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