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Ethical dilemma: what should I do?

OK, so here is the dilemma: I follow a link from the "came from" links in my blog and it takes me through to the site stats for a major political party's online discussion forums.

Nothing says it's private, nothing says I shouldn't be there. But I can't help feeling they wouldn't want to be publishing this stuff (unless, says paranoid imagination, they want to create buzz about the site by spreading the stats - no, no, that way lies madness :-)). So should I:


(a) publish the link and some juicy stats and a free analysis (usually I'd charge people like this for my time) of what I think it means


(b) pass the link on to a political blogger and watch them create merry havoc


(c) drop the site's analytics guys / the web hosts a mail and tell them their flies are down?

Given that I'm feeling pretty non-plussed by political parties generally at the moment, it is a moral dilemma not a political one. Hmmm...

While I'm sitting here stewing, my wife says I should ask you guys what you thought.

As ever, she's right.

But I might change my tune and dish the dirt anyway ;-)

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